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In this paper we describe an end to end Neural Model for Named Entity Recognition (NER) which is based on BiDirectional RNN-LSTM. Almost all NER systems for Hindi use Language Specific features and handcrafted rules with gazetteers. Our model is language independent and uses no domain specific features or any handcrafted rules. Our models rely on semantic(More)
Sentiment analysis (SA) using code-mixed data from social media has several applications in opinion mining ranging from customer satisfaction to social campaign analysis in multilingual societies. Advances in this area are impeded by the lack of a suitable annotated dataset. We introduce a Hindi-English (Hi-En) code-mixed dataset for sentiment analysis and(More)
Most of the traditional sketch-based image retrieval systems compare sketches and images using morphological features. Since these features belong to two different modalities, they are compared either by reducing the image to a sparse sketch like form or by transforming the sketches to a denser image like representation. However, this crossmodal(More)
Among the many problems faced in the world of wireless Technology, the most significant one is spectrum scarcity. In terms of pure facts, the TRAI auction of spectrum bands scheduled in 2016 will generate a base price of 5.36 Lakh crores which is more than twice the revenue of major telecom providers which is around 2.5 lakh crores. This Paper proposes an(More)
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