Amerigo Balatri

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INTRODUCTION The concept of limb salvage led to increased demand for more complex and sophisticated reconstructive options to achieve better functional and cosmetic outcome. Reconstruction of the total or partial loss of quadriceps muscle after soft tissue sarcomas excision with free functioning latissimus dorsi muscle transfer had become more popular in(More)
Patellar duplication is a rare asymptomatic condition. The diagnosis is often made following a traumatic event associated with an injury to the knee extensor mechanism. The treatment is often surgical and consists in removal of the smaller part of the patella with tendon reinsertion. The presence and rupture of an intermediate tendon between the two parts(More)
Distal radius reconstruction in children should meet two requests: restoration of some joint function and preservation of the physiologic growth of the segment. None of the conventional options is likely to successfully achieve both goals. Conversely, a vascularized transfer of the proximal fibula including the growth plate provides enough bone stock for(More)
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