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A significant challenge in business process automation involves bridging the gap between business process representations and Web service technologies that implement business activities. We are interested in business process representations such as Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and Event-Driven Process Chains (EPCs). Web service technologies(More)
Several evolutions in software engineering (SE) relate to the development of a reliable communication process among the project stakeholders. The models resulting from these improvements are the key instruments of communication in SE. There are studies that relate several problems in SE to user-engineers interactions during the modeling process. In addition(More)
Simulations that incorporate both physical (hard) as well as psycho-social human behaviours (soft) are expected to improve situational awareness during critical events, yet are not readily available. Because of the complex nature of emergency response and, in particular, because of the potential for unforeseen interdependencies in the physical environment,(More)
In order to assess the viability of using EPAnet source code and the time domain Infrastructure Interdependencies Simulator (I2Sim) for predictive modeling, a critical failure of a municipal water supply was modeled on a university campus. During winter operations, a campus steam plant experienced a failure in operations due in part from an unobserved(More)
Effective coordination is one of the most critical aspects of emergency management. Several scientific articles have described how the lack of proper coordination resulting from “limited resources, inadequate communication, misinformation, and damaged infrastructure” has negatively impacted response efforts. Problems involving the lack of(More)
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