Amer M. Momani

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The healthcare arena, much like the manufacturing industry, benefits from many aspects of the Toyota lean principles. Lean thinking contributes to reducing or eliminating nonvalue-added time, money, and energy in healthcare. In this paper, we apply selected principles of lean management aiming at reducing the wasted time associated with drug dispensing at(More)
Previous estimates of Medicare beneficiaries total and out-of-pocket spending on outpatient prescription drugs have largely been based on data from the 1995 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey and have focused on how expenditures vary among beneficiaries with different demographic characteristics. This paper reports the results of an analysis of(More)
One of the most challenging problems facing healthcare providers is to determine the actual cost for their procedures, which is important for internal accounting and price justification to insurers. The objective of this paper is to find suitable categories to identify the diagnostic outpatient medical procedures and translate them from functional(More)
This study presents an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method to objectively select the best temperature sensor from among different alternative sensors in a certain industrial application. The underlying decision method based on AHP methodology, ranks temperature sensors with different features with a score resulting from the synthesis of relative(More)
Occupational injuries and illnesses in healthcare can cause great human suffering, incur high cost, and have an adverse impact on the quality of patient care. One of the most effective solutions for addressing health and safety issues and improving decisions at the point of care rests in raising employees' safety awareness to recognize, avoid, or respond to(More)
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