Amer Al-Nassiri

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This paper describes a new segmentation algorithm for handwritten Arabic characters using Rotational Invariant Segments Features (RISF). The algorithm evaluates a large set of curved segments or strokes through the image of the input Arabic word or subword using a dynamic feature extraction technique then nominates a small “optimal” subset of cuts for(More)
We present a worm detection system that leverages the reliability of IP-Flow and the effectiveness of learning machines. Typically, a host infected by a scanning or an email worm initiates a significant amount of traffic that does not rely on DNS to translate names into numeric IP addresses. Based on this fact, we capture and classify NetFlow records to(More)
In this paper we considered a theoretical evaluation of data and text compression algorithm based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) and General Bidirectional Associative Memory (GBAM). A new data and text lossless compression method, based on the combination of BWT1 and GBAM2 approaches, is presented. The algorithm was tested on many texts in different(More)
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