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BACKGROUND Large artery stiffness is increased in diabetes mellitus and causes an excessive pulsatile load to the heart and to the microvasculature. The identification of pathways related to arterial stiffness may provide novel therapeutic targets to ameliorate arterial stiffness in diabetes. Matrix Gla-Protein (MGP) is an inhibitor of vascular(More)
BACKGROUND Late systolic load has been shown to cause diastolic dysfunction in animal models. Although the systolic loading sequence of the ventricular myocardium likely affects its coupling with the left atrium (LA), this issue has not been investigated in humans. We aimed to assess the relationship between the myocardial loading sequence and LA function(More)
BACKGROUND Impaired left atrial (LA) mechanical function is present in hypertension and likely contributes to various complications, including atrial arrhythmias, stroke, and heart failure. Various antihypertensive drug classes exert differential effects on central hemodynamics and left ventricular function. However, little is known about their effects on(More)
BACKGROUND Stable plasma nitric oxide (NO) metabolites (NOM), composed predominantly of nitrate and nitrite, are attractive biomarkers of NO bioavailability. NOM levels integrate the influence of NO-synthase-derived NO production/metabolism, dietary intake of inorganic nitrate/nitrite, and clearance of NOM. Furthermore, nitrate and nitrite, the most(More)
We studied the outcome of patients with chronic distal radioulnar joint symptoms who were treated with excision of the distal ulna and reconstruction using the flexor carpi ulnaris tendon. Twelve patients with 14 wrists were assessed. Ten patients were posttraumatic, and two had bilateral surgery for rheumatoid arthritis. Average age was 37 years at time of(More)
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