Ameneh Setareh Forouzan

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BACKGROUND Preterm birth is a major health problem that leads to infant morbidity and mortality. The main goal of this study was to find the relationship between social determinants of health and preterm delivery. METHODS A prospective longitudinal cohort study was carried out on 500 pregnant women in their 24th to 28th gestational weeks in 2012. The(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Health impact assessment (HIA) offer a very logical and interesting approach for those aiming to integrate health issues into planning processes. With a lot of works and plans waiting to be done (e.g., developing and updating plans, counseling planning commissions, cooperation with other organizations), planners find it difficult to(More)
BACKGROUND Mental health is of special importance regarding socioeconomic inequalities in health. On the one hand, mental health status mediates the relationship between economic inequality and health; on the other hand, mental health as an "end state" is affected by social factors and socioeconomic inequality. In spite of this, in examining socioeconomic(More)
INTRODUCTION Violence manifests itself in such multifarious ways as sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. What has hitherto eluded the medical community, however, is whether sexual and nonsexual abuse share the same predictors. AIM Drawing upon a representative sample of married men and women in the Iranian capital, Tehran, we aimed to determine: (i)(More)
Depression is the most common mood and psychiatric disorder. The aim of this comprehensive study was to provide a complete picture of the prevalence and risk factors of depression. The study employed a systematic review methodology, searching Iranian and international databases. After screening and evaluating the articles, a synthesis of 53 articles was(More)
BACKGROUND Disclosure of HIV is important for improving self-care behaviors, psychological well-being, commitment to the treatment, and reducing risk of transmission. One of the major benefits of disclosure is social support, which is an essential resource for effective coping with HIV infection. However, receiving any social support requires disclosing of(More)
BACKGROUND There is a dearth of scientific data on anal intercourse in heterosexual relationships. Likewise, anal sex within marital relationships has yet to be fully explored. OBJECTIVES Among a representative sample of married women in the Iranian capital, Tehran, we aimed to determine the association of self-reported coerced anal sex with: (i)(More)
BACKGROUND Preterm delivery is still the primary cause of mortality and morbidity in infants, which shows a problematic condition in the care of pregnant women all over the world. This review study describes prevalence and psycho - socio-demographic as well as obstetrical risk factors related to live preterm delivery (PTD) in the recent decade in Iran. (More)
BACKGROUND Priority setting is one of the major issues in the health research system and no health system can afford to pay for every research they want to do, particularly in developing countries, so we decided to set the national main areas of the health research priorities. METHODS In this study, according to Essential National Health Research (ENHR)(More)
OBJECTIVE(S) Although depression is a major public health problem, little is known about lay people's views of this subject in Iran. The aim of this study was to explore how depression in women is viewed among lay people in three major ethnic groups--Kurd, Turk, and Fars. DESIGN Participants were selected from public urban healthcare centers. Four focus(More)