Ameneh Langari

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In this paper the the effect of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and anisotropy on the Entangle-ment of Heisenberg model has been studied. While the anisotropy suppress the entanglement due to favoring of the alignment of spins, the DM interaction restore the spoiled entanglement via the introduction of the quantum fluctuations. Thermodynamic limit of the(More)
  • Keivani Hafshejani, M. Sattari Naeini, A. Langari
  • 2012
It is well established that the Myoelecterical prosthesis must also be effective, smart, light, strong and high permanence, compared to those of Mechanical prosthesis. It is time consuming and expensive that has ultimately led to significant increases in the price of Myoelecterical prosthesis. Therefore, considering the high cost of these prostheses should(More)
We have applied our recent approach (Kargarian, Phys. Rev. A 76, 60304 (R) (2007)) to study the quantum information properties of the anisotropic s=1/2 Heisenberg chain. We have investigated the underlying quantum information properties like the evolution of concurrence, en-tanglement entropy, nonanalytic behaviours and the scaling close to the(More)
We analyze the impact of loss in lattices of coupled optical waveguides and find that, in such a case, the hopping between adjacent waveguides is necessarily complex. This results not only in a transition of the light spreading from ballistic to diffusive, but also in a new kind of diffraction that is caused by loss dispersion. We prove our theoretical(More)
We study different phases of the one-dimensional bond-alternating spin-1/2 Heisenberg model by using the symmetry fractionalization mechanism. We employ the infinite matrix-product state representation of the ground state (through the infinite-size density matrix renormalization group algorithm) to obtain inequivalent projective representations and(More)
Composite materials are increasingly utilized in many civil engineering and medical applications such as conveying tubes and pipelines, making artificial human parts, dental applications, reinforcing structures, etc. The glass reinforced composite is one of the most common composite that is used for its good mechanical properties and also its rationally low(More)
We have studied the ground-state phase diagram of a two-leg spin ladder with anisotropic ferromagnetic leg couplings under the influence of a symmetry-breaking transverse magnetic field by the exact diagonalization technique. In the case of antiferromagnetic coupling between legs we identified two phase transitions in the plane of magnetic field versus(More)
  • Mohsen Gh Kharaji, Fakhrodin Dadjoo, Y Alirezaei, Ali Falavand, Ameneh Langari
  • 2012
The aim of this article is to measuring the blood flow, when they pass through obstructed blood vessels. In many medical arteries the amount of the blood flow inside canals and obstructed vessel is important and reduces due to the arteries. However, the problem with measurements in such circumstances lies in the lack of precise and appropriate experimental(More)
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