Ameneh Gholipour

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Recent advances in storage and processing have provided the possibility of automatic gathering of information, which in turn leads to fast and continuous flows of data. The data which are produced and stored in this way are called data streams. Data streams are produced in large size, and much dynamism and have some unique properties which make them(More)
Data streams are endless flow of data produced in high speed, large size and usually non-stationary environments. The main property of these streams is the occurrence of concept drifts. Using decision trees is shown to be a powerful approach for accurate and fast learning of data streams. In this paper, we present an incremental regression tree that can(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of increasing garlic powder and monensin supplementation on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, growth performance and blood metabolites of growing calves. Forty Holstein calves (BW = 100 ± 11 kg) were randomly assigned to four dietary treatments (n = 10) in a complete randomized design. Experimental(More)
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