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With the launch of the new BMW X5, the FlexRay protocol for in-car communication has found its way to seriesproduced vehicles. The FlexRay protocol supports both deterministic and non-deterministic transmission of data frames. FlexRay data frames that are being transmitted in the non-deterministic dynamic segment might become displaced under adverse(More)
Object recognition using the OpenCV Haar cascade-classifier on the iOS platform Staffan Reinius Augmented reality (AR), the compiling of layered computer-generated information to real-time stream data, has recently become a buzzword in the mobile application communities, as real-time vision computing has become more and more feasible. Hardware advances have(More)
3D rendering and interaction in an augmented reality mobile system Gabriel Tholsgård Augmented Reality(AR) is a concept that is getting more and more popular, and the number of applications using it is increasing. AR applications include several concepts such as image recognition and camera calibration, together known as tracking, and it also uses 2D and 3D(More)
Der weiter stark anwachsende Softwareumfang im automobilen Umfeld wird in Zukunft neue Methoden und Vorgehensweisen bei der Entwicklung von Steuergerätesoftware notwendig machen. So wird diese Software in Zukunft nicht mehr aus der Hand eines einzelnen Zulieferers kommen. Vielmehr wird ein Großteil aus wiederverwendbaren Komponenten einer Vielzahl(More)
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