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There is a continual growth in the use of social computing within a breadth of business domains; such as marketing, public engagement and innovation management. Software engineering research, like other similar disciplines, has recently started to harness the power of social computing throughout the various development phases; from requirements elicitation(More)
The growing popularity of the World utilize Internet services as means of maximizing their profit by promoting products and services. Electronic commerce, which is also known as e economic environment in which business activities, such as purchasing products and advertising goods, are performed by using electronic communications. Web interface design is an(More)
Digital Addiction (DA) denotes a problematic usage of digital devices characterised by properties such as being compulsive, impulsive, excessive and hasty. DA is associated with negative behaviours such as anxiety and depression. “Digital Detox” programs have started to appear and are mainly based on a relatively expensive and heavyweight in-patient care(More)
Digital Addiction, (hereafter referred to as DA), has become a serious issue that has a diversity of socio-economic side effects. In spite of its high importance, DA has received little recognition and little guidance as to how software engineering should take it into account. This is in stark contrast to other domains known for traditional addiction, e.g.(More)
Digital Addiction (DA) is an emerging behavioural phenomenon that denotes an obsessive and problematic usage of digital media. Such usage could meet various criteria of an addictive behaviour such as salience, conflict, tolerance and withdrawal symptoms and, hence, it would raise new challenges and ethical considerations on the way we engineer software.(More)
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