Amelie Werner

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OBJECTIVE Dopamine function has been hypothesized to be involved in both producing schizophrenic symptoms and mediating cocaine's reinforcing properties. As a result, cocaine abuse in schizophrenic patients may be seen as a natural experiment that may alter the phenomenology and neurobiology of schizophrenia. This report concerns the clinical effects of(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Mentally ill homeless persons are among the most neglected or marginalized patient groups. Their needs for mental healthcare are widely unmet. The current economic crisis probably accelerates the social decline and deterioration of physical and mental health in high-risk groups worldwide and increases the need for appropriate treatments,(More)
OBJECTIVE to determine the chances of discharge of forensic psychiatric patients (section 63 of the German Legal Code) diagnosed with comorbid psychiatric and somatic disorders. METHODS N = 364 patients were evaluated. Diagnostic groups were compared with regard to types and frequencies of comorbid diagnoses, and treatment duration. RESULTS Both(More)
Objective: Within the MEMENTA-study informal caregivers of grown-up persons with an intellectual disability (ID) with and without a comorbid mental disorder were interviewed. Main outcomes were family burden, quality of life, psychiatric symptomatology and problem behavior. Methods: The sample consisted of 123 informal caregivers. Results: Problem behavior(More)
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  • 1975
The author presents data and illustrative excerpts from 1,000 letters relating to health and personal concerns that were sent to his column in a college newspaper. There were 532 letters expressing sexual concerns, 65 percent of which raised questions about anatomy and physiology. A comparison of the distribution of problems of sexual dysfunction in this(More)
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