Amelie Royer

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Classifiers for object categorization are usually evaluated by their accuracy on a set of i.i.d. test examples. This provides us with an estimate of the expected error when applying the classifiers to a single new image. In real application, however, classifiers are rarely only used for a single image and then discarded. Instead, they are applied(More)
Remote sensing is a scientific discipline involved in the study and management of the environment and natural resources. Current developments in data acquisition and the diversity of sensors generate great amounts of data. The analysis and interpretation of these data requires sophisticated techniques. Some of these techniques come from the artificial(More)
Recent work on zero resource word discovery makes intensive use of audio fragment clustering to find repeating speech patterns. In the absence of acoustic models, the clustering step traditionally relies on dynamic time warping (DTW) to compare two samples and thus suffers from the known limitations of this technique. We propose a new sample comparison(More)
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