Amelie Haberer

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OBJECTIVE Perturbation of the endothelial glycocalyx is discussed in the pathogenesis of complications related to cardiopulmonary bypass. We evaluated the effects of cardiopulmonary bypass on the microcirculation and the microvascular endothelial glycocalyx of infants undergoing surgery for congenital cardiac defects. METHODS The microcirculation was(More)
Mycoplasma virus L3 virions are morphologically similar to coliphage T7, contain linear double-stranded DNA of about 39 kilobase pairs, and produce a nonlytic cytocidal infection in Acholeplasma laidlawii host cells. Following nitrous acid mutagenesis, ninety-eight L3 temperature-sensitive (ts) mutants were isolated from a total of 57,000 plaque-forming(More)
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