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OBJECTIVE To provide a review of the etiology, epidemiology, clinical features, diagnostic findings, and treatment options for multiple sclerosis (MS). DATA SOURCES A PubMed search of English language articles using a combination of words: elderly; multiple sclerosis*, late onset multiple sclerosis*, etiology; screening; diagnosis; or treatment to(More)
Most theorists agree that sarcasm serves some communicative function that would not be achieved by speaking directly, such as eliciting a particular emotional response in the recipient. One debate concerns whether this kind of language serves to enhance or mute the positive or negative nature of a message. The role of textual devices commonly used to(More)
BACKGROUND Because stent underdeployment occurs frequently, accurate minimal stent area (MSA) measurement during postdilatation is necessary. This study investigated the accuracy and repeatability for MSA determination using a novel conductance balloon (CB) catheter for peripheral vessels. METHODS The CB catheter is a standard balloon catheter that(More)
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