Amelia R. Winter

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Ooids are sedimentary grains that are distributed widely in the geologic record. Their formation is still actively debated, which limits our understanding of the significance and meaning of these grains in Earth's history. Central questions include the role played by microbes in the formation of ooids and the sources of ubiquitous organic matter within ooid(More)
Total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty are 2 of the most commonly performed elective orthopaedic procedures. They are remarkably successful in relieving pain and improving function in individuals with advanced, symptomatic arthritis. Since, in addition to providing benefits, these procedures pose risks, it is important to provide clinicians with(More)
OBJECTIVE Most persons who undergo total knee replacement (TKR) do not increase their physical activity following surgery. We assessed whether financial incentives and health coaching would improve physical activity in persons undergoing TKR. METHODS We designed a factorial randomized controlled trial among persons undergoing TKR for osteoarthritis.(More)