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PURPOSE Rates of childhood disability are estimated to be high in African settings; however, services to provide information and support are limited. This study aims to explore perspectives and experiences of caregivers of children with disabilities (CWD) from acquired brain injury to inform the development of training packages for health-workers (HW) in(More)
UNLABELLED IS INFORMATION A TOOL FOR PREVENTIVE ACTION? The aim of this study was to evaluate maternal beliefs concerning neonatal performances, to compare them with currently accepted knowledge and to analyse parameters that could influence the maternal judgement. POPULATION AND METHODS A total of 189 mothers in the postpartum period were prospectively(More)
BACKGROUND High psychosocial risk pregnancies require specialized multidisciplinary help and follow-up in order to improve the outcome of babies. POPULATION AND METHODS Thirty pregnancies were selected among 3500 and followed by a multidisciplinary team during 1990 and 1991. Evaluation included risk predictors, neurodevelopmental outcome of children at 9(More)
BACKGROUND School exclusion is a disciplinary method used to remove a child from the school environment. It is known to affect certain groups disproportionately, including boys, some ethnic minorities, children in care, children in poverty, and children with special educational needs. Population-based studies on wider characteristics of excluded pupils are(More)
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