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1. The authors' goal was to compare the size and density of Purkinje cells in the cerebellum of subjects with and without autism. Blocks of cerebellum were dissected at autopsy from the brains of age, sex- and postmortem-intervaled (PMI) groups of autistic and normal control individuals (N = 5 per group). Frozen, unfixed blocks were sectioned and stained(More)
A series of studies demonstrated a possible correlation between eye-blink rate and central dopamine activity. The hypothesis has been put forward that the antidepressant effect of sleep deprivation (SD) is mediated by an enhanced dopamine release resulting in an amphetaminelike action of SD. Therefore, the blink rates of 12 drug-naive patients with major(More)
Ungefähr 60% der Patienten mit einer depressiven Episode sind Schlafentzugsresponder. Allerdings hält sich der positive Effekt des Schlafentzugs nur vorübergehend und wird meistens durch den sich am folgenden Tag anschließenden Nachtschlaf aufgehoben. Bisher wurden verschiedene Versuche unternommen, den positiven Schlafentzugseffekt zu erhalten.(More)
Approximately 60% of patients with major depression disorder show a beneficial response to total sleep deprivation (TSD), but the positive effect of TSD is short, and naps or the following night's sleep destroy it. Various methods have been tried to stabilize the positive sleep-deprivation effect. A consecutive 1-week advance in the sleep phase stabilized(More)
OBJECTIVE The incidence of the serotonin syndrome or serotonin-syndrome-like side effects during treatment with the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) fluvoxamine should be evaluated. METHOD 200 inpatients treated for the first time with fluvoxamine were prospectively evaluated for the occurrence of a serotonin syndrome over a period of 8200(More)
INTRODUCTION Liver segment definition due to Couinaud is the basis for localisation of focal liver lesions in imaging, in the follow-up or for planning operations. A literature review shows variety in segment definition and the frontier between segment II and III in the left liver lobe, in the course of the portal vein level and in variations of liver(More)
UNLABELLED Enuresis nocturna is regularly treated by desmopressin, a vasopressin analog. Its side effects, notably neurological, are fortunately rare. We comment on 5 enuretic children on desmopressin who suffered from hyponatremic encephalopathy (natremia 115-127, median 117 mmol/l). RESULTS Side effects appeared at therapeutic doses (10-40 mg/d(More)
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