Amelia Masters

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Recent developments in the area of RFID have seen the technology expand from its role in industrial and animal tagging applications, to being implantable in humans. With a gap in literature identified between current technological development and future humancentric possibility, little has been previously known about the nature of contemporary humancentric(More)
Modern management of leukemia and selection of optimal treatment approaches entails the analysis of multiple recurrent cytogenetic abnormalities with independent diagnostic or prognostic value. We report the first multicenter validation of a multiplex molecular assay for 12 relevant fusion transcripts relative to cytogenetic methods. Performance was(More)
Our lab was interested in creating a reproducible mechanism for obtaining neural crest cells in culture from cultured hindbrain explants of zebrafish. We have characterized the population of cells migrating from the explants as neural crest using a genetic variant of zebrafish with a GFP tag SOX-10, as well as immunostaining using HNK-1, a known neural(More)
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