Amelia L Cianci

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Human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) are useful in disease modeling and drug discovery, and they promise to provide a new generation of cell-based therapeutics. To date there has been no systematic evaluation of the most widely used techniques for generating integration-free hiPSCs. Here we compare Sendai-viral (SeV), episomal (Epi) and mRNA(More)
Personal experience in the use of Althesin in painless childbirth is reported. The anaesthetic is held to have no effect on the foetus and the technique using Althesin and acetylsalicylate of lysine is considered the correct one. If properly applied, it offers the foetus complete wellbeing during labour and enables the mother to overcome the psychophysical(More)
The alkene peptide isostere for the d-Ala-d-Ala dipeptide was synthesized via a convergent approach utilizing olefin cross-metathesis. The new isostere was then evaluated for binding to the last resort antibiotic, vancomycin. The alkene isostere exhibited a K(D)=90 microM in comparison to the native peptide (K(D)=2.3 microM) and Lac mutant (K(D)=2300(More)
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