Amelia H Frye

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the platelet activation response before and after treatment with clopidogrel in horses. ANIMALS 12 healthy adult mares. PROCEDURES In a masked study, horses (6/group) were randomly allocated to alternately receive placebo or clopidogrel via nasogastric tube at a loading dose of 4 mg/kg followed by 2 mg/kg every 24 hours. Blood(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the perinatal morbidity and mortality of fetuses diagnosed with gastroschisis at our Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center. METHODS A retrospective review of a regional prenatal diagnostic center. Twenty-nine cases of gastroschisis which were diagnosed, managed, delivered and had corrective surgeries through the Fetal Diagnosis and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine effects of oral administration of Yunnan Baiyao on platelet activation, coagulation, and fibrinolysis in healthy horses. ANIMALS 12 healthy adult horses. PROCEDURES In a randomized blinded crossover study that included a 4-week washout period between treatments, horses were orally administered a paste containing Yunnan Baiyao (15(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of clopidogrel on clinical and clinicopathologic variables in healthy horses with experimentally induced endotoxemia. ANIMALS 12 adult mares. Procedures-Horses were assigned with a randomization procedure to receive clopidogrel (4 mg/kg, once, then 2 mg/kg, q 24 h; n = 6) or a placebo (6) through a nasogastric tube. After(More)
We report a case of a second trimester multifetal pregnancy with preeclampsia associated with an elevated digoxin-like immune factor. Due to the remoteness from viability the patient was offered therapy with digoxin-binding immunoglobulin. No untoward maternal effects were noted.
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