Amelia Gómez-Brunet

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Tris-egg yolk based diluents provide adequate cryoprotection for the sperm of most wild species in which they have been tested. The objective of the current study was to evaluate various Tris-based diluents containing different concentrations of egg yolk, for the fertilizing ability of epididymal spermatozoa of the Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica) after(More)
The aims of this study were to examine whether mouflons exposed to constant long and short day photoperiods are able to exhibit an annual cycle of hair growth and moult, and prolactin (PRL) secretion. Mouflon ewes were assigned to three groups of treatment. Ewes were maintained, either under natural photoperiod (control, n = 9), or received a series of(More)
The present study examines the ovulatory activity of wild and domesticated ewes subjected to either a constant photoperiod of long days (16L:8D) or natural changes in daily photoperiod for 16 mo. The aim was to determine whether an endogenous reproductive rhythm controls seasonal reproductive activity in these sheep, and how the photoperiod might affect(More)
As a consequence of increasing limitations to maintaining genetic variability in endangered wildlife species, methods of assisted reproduction widely used in domestic animals are being applied to nondomestic species. However, practical efforts have met limited success to date. The Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica hispanica) is a wild caprine originating(More)
Seasonal changes in ovulatory activity, plasma prolactin and melatonin concentrations were monitored in a wild (Mouflon) and a domesticated (Manchega) breed of sheep, both originating and living under similar latitudes (40 degrees N). Mouflons express ovarian cycles significantly later than Manchega ewes (October vs. July, P < 0.001); however, they ended(More)
The season may affect the values of fresh semen variables and therefore influence the success of cryopreservation. The aim of this study was to improve the evaluation of seasonal changes in semen quality in Spanish Black Castellana roosters maintained under natural environmental conditions. Semen was collected from 11 Black Castellana roosters (housed under(More)
Egg yolk-based diluents provide adequate cryoprotection for the sperm of several mammalian species. Traditionally, chicken egg yolk has been used as additive for the freeze preservation of spermatozoa because of its wide availability. Variations in the chemical composition of the egg yolk of different avian species appear to influence the protection(More)
Despite apparent progress in reproductive technology as applied to wild ruminants, the success achieved in terms of the number of offspring that become healthy adults has remained low. Difficulties often arise through a lack of knowledge regarding appropriate cryopreservation techniques, and indeed through a lack of detailed information on the reproductive(More)
This study examines the length of the oestrous cycle in 16 Iberian red deer females assessed by means of changes in progesterone concentrations, along with the changes in the profile of this hormone. Samples were collected three occasions per week from the week after calving (15 May to 15 June) up to May of the following year. The oestrous cycle lasted(More)
Annual variations in the growth of horns, and their correlation with seasonal changes of testicular size, and prolactin (PRL) and melatonin secretion were monitored in six pubertal mouflon rams living in their original latitude (40 degrees N). Mouflons born and maintained under captive conditions were classified in two age classes: sub-adult (2 years; n=3)(More)