Amelia Ahmad Khalili

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Single-cell analysis has become the interest of a wide range of biological and biomedical engineering research. It could provide precise information on individual cells, leading to important knowledge regarding human diseases. To perform single-cell analysis, it is crucial to isolate the individual cells before further manipulation is carried out. Recently,(More)
To perform specific analysis for the single cell, individual cells have to be captured and separated from each other before further treatments and analysis can be carried out. This paper presents the design, simulation, fabrication, and testing of a microfluidic device for trapping a single cell/particle based on a hydrodynamic technique. A T-channel(More)
Cell adhesion is essential in cell communication and regulation, and is of fundamental importance in the development and maintenance of tissues. The mechanical interactions between a cell and its extracellular matrix (ECM) can influence and control cell behavior and function. The essential function of cell adhesion has created tremendous interests in(More)
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