Amel Hamzaoui

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In this paper, we introduce a robust state feedback controller design using Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMIs) and guaranteed cost approach for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems. The purpose on this work is to establish a systematic method to design controllers for a class of uncertain linear and non linear systems. Our approach utilizes a certain type of fuzzy(More)
This paper deals with the combination of sliding mode control (SMC) and fuzzy logic system (FLS) for a class of non-linear multi-input multi-output (MIMO) uncertain systems. An adaptive scheme for the fuzzy control is developed to approximate the unknown system functions. A SMC is then applied to reduce the effects of both approximation errors and external(More)
Shared Nearest Neighbours (SNN) techniques are well known to overcome several shortcomings of traditional clustering approaches, notably high dimensionality and metric limitations. However, previous methods were limited to a single information source whereas such methods appear to be very well suited for heterogeneous data, typically in multi-modal(More)
State-of-the-art visual search systems allow to retrieve efficiently small rigid objects in very large datasets. They are usually based on the query-by-window paradigm: a user selects any image region containing an object of interest and the system returns a ranked list of images that are likely to contain other instances of the query object. User’s(More)
This paper presents an original experiment aimed at evaluating if state-of-the-art visual clustering techniques are able to automatically recover morphological classifications built by the botanists themselves. The clustering phase is based on a recent Shared-Nearest Neighbours (SNN) clustering algorithm, which allows to combine effectively heterogeneous(More)
Multimedia search engines are often based on multiple decentralized search services, multiple information sources (text search, audio search, visual search, semantic search engines, etc.), multiple data representation and similarity measures. Heterogeneous multiple search results need to be combined and structured efficiently and generically. In this paper,(More)
This paper presents a control synthesis approach for discrete event systems modelled by ordinary Petri Nets (PN) to solve a forbidden state problem. The PN herein considered are transitions controllable and contain measurable and non measurable transitions. The proposed PN controller is synthesised using the influence paths of the forbidden transitions. The(More)
Unsupervised data clustering remains a crucial step in many recent multimedia retrieval approaches, including for instance, visual objects discovery, multimedia documents suggestion or event’s detection across different media. However, the performance and applicability of many classical data clustering approaches often force particular choices of data(More)
State-of-the-art visual search methods allow retrieving efficiently small rigid objects in very large image datasets (e.g. logos, paintings, etc.). User's perception of the classical query-by-window paradigm is however affected by the fact that many submitted queries actually return nothing or only junk results. We demonstrate in this demo that the(More)