Amel Hamzaoui

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This paper presents an original experiment aimed at evaluating if state-of-the-art visual clustering techniques are able to automatically recover morphological classifications built by the botanists themselves. The clustering phase is based on a recent Shared-Nearest Neighbours (SNN) clustering algorithm, which allows to combine effectively heterogeneous(More)
State-of-the-art visual search methods allow retrieving efficiently small rigid objects in very large image datasets (e.g. logos, paintings, etc.). User's perception of the classical query-by-window paradigm is however affected by the fact that many submitted queries actually return nothing or only junk results. We demonstrate in this demo that the(More)
State-of-the-art visual search systems allow to retrieve efficiently small rigid objects in very large datasets. They are usually based on the query-by-window paradigm: a user selects any image region containing an object of interest and the system returns a ranked list of images that are likely to contain other instances of the query object. User’s(More)
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