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Virtual laboratories are necessary in e-learning environments, especially in technical and scientific disciplines. Our research objectives consist in proposing an environment to allow, on one hand, teachers to design virtual practical works, and on the other hand, learners to work together and perform laboratory experiments from remote locations through a(More)
In order to show the different possibilities offered by the distance learning, we are looking at the virtual laboratories which benefited from the new training technologies. This approach has the following advantage: reducing the training cost, schedule flexibility, ease of diffusion and the accessibility of the training by a larger audience. In this paper,(More)
In this paper we will use the specification of a biochemistry practical work to demonstrate the use of our virtual laboratory platform. This platform has an agent based architecture which we proposed in our previous work. We describe a generic architecture of a virtual laboratory. We have chosen biochemistry major because almost all its courses require(More)
Existing approaches on Web services privacy dominate solutions from a users’ perspective, giving little consideration to the preferences of Web service providers. The integration of service providers’ preferences into Web services’ operations is discussed in this paper. A Web service provider indicates peer Web services that it could interact with as well(More)
The objective of this article is to model and implement a learner supervision system during a remote session of practical works (PW). This system will serve the users (learners, teachers, tutors) of our virtual laboratory during the assistance and evaluation process. It also makes it possible for the teachers to be aware of the progress status of the work.(More)
This work is in line with the framework of the development of a 3D interactive environment to make it easy for university students to do their distant practical works (PW). This environment allows several learners to share a 3D work space‥ Therefore this is a multi users environment, distributed over a network and uses the virtual reality which(More)
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