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Toward quantifying the abuse liability of ultraviolet tanning: A behavioral economic approach to tanning addiction.
Many adults engage in ultraviolet indoor tanning despite evidence of its association with skin cancer. The constellation of behaviors associated with ultraviolet indoor tanning is analogous to thatExpand
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On the Social Acceptability of Behavior-Analytic Terms: Crowdsourced Comparisons of Lay and Technical Language
Behavior analysis has a marketing problem. Although behavior analysts have speculated about the problems regarding our technical behavior-analytic terminology and how our terminology has hindered theExpand
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Normative Emotional Responses to Behavior Analysis Jargon or How Not to Use Words to Win Friends and Influence People
It has been suggested that non-experts regard the jargon of behavior analysis as abrasive, harsh, and unpleasant. If this is true, excessive reliance on jargon could interfere with the disseminationExpand
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On the Social Validity of Behavior-Analytic Communication: a Call for Research and Description of One Method
It has often been suggested that nonexperts find the communication of behavior analysts to be viscerally off-putting. We argue that this concern should be the focus of systematic research rather thanExpand
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Function-Altering Effects of Rule Phrasing in the Modulation of Instructional Control
This study evaluated the effects of four instructional variants on instruction following under changing reinforcement schedules using an operant task based on Hackenberg and Joker’s Journal of theExpand
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Validation of a Novel Delay Discounting of Text Messaging Questionnaire
Using cellular phones for text messaging has become a ubiquitous mode of communication in today’s American culture. Text messaging has become a primary source of relationship development andExpand
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Basic Research on the Behavioral Economics of Reinforcer Value
Reinforcer value is a complex and multifaceted concept necessitating numerous levels of analyses and integration of both visual and quantitative approaches. This chapter summarizes the seminal basicExpand
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An Initial Investigation of the Effects of Tanning-Related Cues on Demand and Craving for Indoor Tanning
Melanoma and other skin cancers have become the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the United States. Despite the well-established link between skin cancer and indoor tanning, approximately 30Expand
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Ask the Experts: How Can New Students Defend Behavior Analysis from Misunderstandings?
  • Amel Becirevic
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  • Behavior analysis in practice
  • 9 September 2014
The success of behavior analysis as a field depends on the successes of its students, researchers, practitioners, and advocates. A new generation of graduate students will ultimately speak on theExpand
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An Initial Study of Behavioral Addiction Symptom Severity and Demand for Indoor Tanning
Indoor tanning remains a popular activity in Western cultures despite a growing body of literature suggesting its link to skin cancer and melanoma. Advances in indoor tanning research haveExpand
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