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As consumers are becoming increasingly selective of what they wear on their feet, manufacturers are experiencing problems developing and fitting the right footwear. Literature suggests that shoes with a shape similar to feet may be comfortable because they attempt to maintain the feet in a neutral posture. The objective of this paper is to develop a metric(More)
This study is an attempt to show how a "standard" foot can be parameterized using foot length, foot width, foot height, and a measure of foot curvature so that foot shape can be predicted using these simple anthropometric measures. The prediction model was generated using 40 Hong Kong Chinese men, and the model was validated using a different group of 25(More)
Two methods to generate an individual 3D foot shape from 2D information are proposed. A standard foot shape was first generated and then scaled based on known 2D information. In the first method, the foot outline and the foot height were used, and in the second, the foot outline and the foot profile were used. The models were developed using 40 participants(More)
Clubfoot, known as congenital talipes equinovarus, is one of the complex paediatric foot deformity with the incidence of 1 in every 1000 live births. It consists of four complex foot abnormalities such as forefoot adductus, midfoot cavus, and hindfoot varus and ankle equinus. There are a number of surgical techniques (soft tissue releases, arthrodesis) used(More)
Most commercial footwear is designed and manufactured on a curved last, although the amount of curvature of the last and the turning point of the last centerline have not been formally determined. In this study, we used principal component analysis to determine the foot axis so that lasts that match feet can be produced, resulting in a good fit. In(More)
Two experiments are reported with the aim of determining the effect of pen shape and size on two different types of task: drawing and writing. Experiment 1 attempted to determine the optimum shape and size of shank for ball-point pens used to perform an accurate drawing task. Twenty-seven participants used a total of nine different pens. Drawing performance(More)