Amedeo Sapio

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Due to the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are becoming the preferred portals for users to access various network services in both residential and enterprise environments. Predominantly using generic HTTP or HTTPS protocols, traffic from different mobile apps is largely indistinguishable. This loss of visibility into mobile app(More)
• First Demo/Poster session of EWSDN! • We have – 7 demos – 7 posters • as a result of a review process • based on 3 reviews per submission • Now – teaser session – 3-min highlights per demo/poster • After that – interactive session – Gallery, outside Demos CityFlow – Results from the CityFlow project
—This work shows how the performance of a network function can be estimated with an error margin that is small enough to properly support orchestration of network functions virtualization (NFV) platforms. Being able to estimate the performance of a virtualized network function (VNF) on execution hardware of various types enables its optimal placement, while(More)
Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) are often realized using virtual machines (VMs) because they provide an isolated environment compatible with classical cloud computing technologies. However, VMs are demanding in terms of required resources (CPU and memory) and therefore not suitable for low-cost devices like residential gateways. Such equipment often runs a(More)
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