Amedeo Capozzoli

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In recent years, unconventional applications ranging from biomass estimation, to the detection and location of targets hidden beneath the foliage or even to the full reconstruction of three-dimensional (3D) SAR images of vegetation have earned an increasing interest for both civil and military purposes. SAR tomography allows to access such information on(More)
We discuss the performance of two acceleration data structures for electromagnetic ray-tracing on GPU using the CUDA language, namely the kD-tree and the SBVH. Our implementations have been based on the approach by NVIDIA which accounts for the programming optimizations possible for the latest version of CUDA and NVIDIA GPU architectures.
—The paper deals with the problem of reconstructing the height of forests from polarimetric/multi-baseline SAR data. The approach consists of optimizing an objective functional defined as the distance between the measured data and the data predicted by the model at the actual estimate of the unknowns. We indicate the role of global optimization on the(More)
We spot on the performance of two acceleration data structures for electromagnetic ray tracing purposes on GPU using the CUDA programming language, namely the KD-tree and the SBVH. Our implementations have been based on the approach made available by NVIDIA which takes into account for the programming optimizations made possible by the latest version of(More)
This paper presents a fast and robust approach to evaluate the singular values of a very large number of small matrices on GPUs. The timings and the accuracy obtained are compared to those achieved by "state-of-the-art" libraries. The results show that, by suitably tuning the trade-off between computational speed and accuracy, a reasonable speedup over a(More)
We discuss one of the computationally most critical steps of the Phase-Only synthesis of aperiodic reflectarrays, namely the fast evaluation of the radiation operator. We present its implementation by using a 2D Non-Uniform FFTs (NUFFTs) of NED (Non-Equispaced Data) type on Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) in Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)(More)
This paper presents a method for the partitioning of an aperture into sub-apertures preserving the performance. The technique represents a first stage towards a subarray synthesis and is based on a multi-stage approach wherein an aperture synthesis, an evolutionary algorithm, and, finally, a local search are adopted. A proper representation has been(More)
An optimized Near-Field/Far-Field (NFFF) transformation technique for the characterization of aperture antennas in spherical geometry is presented. The optimized approach introduced by the Authors for the planar geometry is extended to the spherical one. The transformation is formulated as a linear inverse problem, and the number and the locations of the(More)