Amedeo Buonanno

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—Radio Frequency Energy harvesting is a research topic of increasing interest, related to sustainability, which could become a promising alternative to existing energy resources. The paper will show all the activities addressed to design a wideband system to recover wideband energy from electromagnetic sources present in the environment. The main idea is to(More)
— The development of intelligent surveillance systems is an active research area of increasing interest. In recent years, autonomous or semi-autonomous mobile robots have been adopted as useful means to reduce fixed installations and number of devices needed for surveillance of a given area. In this context SELEX Sistemi Integrati is investigating the(More)
We apply belief propagation to a Bayesian bipartite graph composed of discrete independent hidden variables and discrete visible variables. The network is the Discrete counterpart of Independent Component Analysis (DICA) and it is manipulated in a factor graph form for inference and learning. A full set of simulations is reported for character images from(More)
We propose a Multi-Layer Network based on the Bayesian framework of the Factor Graphs in Reduced Normal Form (FGrn) applied to a two-dimensional lattice. The Latent Variable Model (LVM) is the basic building block of a quadtree hierarchy built on top of a bottom layer of random variables that represent pixels of an image, a feature map, or more generally a(More)
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