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Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) is recognized as a very promising approach to deal with software complexity. The Requirements Engineering community should be aware and take part of the Model-Driven revolution, enabling and promoting the integration of requirements into the MDSD life-cycle. As a first step to reach that goal, this paper proposes(More)
Knowledge sharing and reuse in global software engineering (GSE) are challenging issues. Knowledge management (KM) is specifically impacted because on top of distance, culture and language mismatches, there is also the perceived risk of sharing something which could mean that others could take over some work. Mistrust and protectionism are often the(More)
BACKGROUND Several obstacles prevent the adoption and use of personal health record (PHR) systems, including users' concerns regarding the privacy and security of their personal health information. OBJECTIVE To analyze the privacy and security characteristics of PHR privacy policies. It is hoped that identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the(More)
A guide to requirements modeling is presented in this paper, in which use cases and the conceptual model are directly obtained from a business mode-ling based on UML activity diagrams. After determining the business processes of the organization, and describing their workflows by means of activity diagrams , use cases are elicited and structured starting(More)
UML is a standard modeling language that enables the specification of applications at many different levels of abstraction using a wide range of notations. However, there is currently only limited research investigating the maintenance of UML models throughout the software lifecycle. In particular, UML behavior models are typically not orthogonal but each(More)
UML statechart diagrams are an important technique for modeling the dynamic aspects of software systems. We have been studying the relationship between many of the constructs of the UML statechart diagrams and the effect that they have on the understandability of the diagrams themselves, including composite states. We found that the use of composite states(More)
Security in web services-based systems is a critical aspect since their operative infrastructure is based on Internet, which is a public medium and so intrinsically insecure. At present, there is an outstanding movement in industry towards the standardization of the security mechanisms to be used in web services-based systems. Given that the number of these(More)
Global software development (GSD) which is a growing trend in the software industry is characterized by a highly distributed environment. Performing software project management (SPM) in such conditions implies the need to overcome new limitations resulting from cultural, temporal and geographic separation. The aim of this research is to discover and(More)
BACKGROUND Software development processes are often performed by distributed teams which may be separated by great distances. Global software development (GSD) has undergone a significant growth in recent years. The challenges concerning GSD are especially relevant to requirements engineering (RE). Stakeholders need to share a common ground, but there are(More)