Ambrose Obiechina

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A two and half years old girl presented with severe limitation of mouth opening, facial asymmetry, inability to masticate, and proclination of the anterior maxillary and mandibular teeth. There was no history of facial trauma, infection or neonatal fevers. A diagnosis of bony ankylosis of the TMJ was made following a confirmation of delivery by means of(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to determine the pattern of midface trauma with associated concomitant injuries seen in our environment. METHODOLOGY This was a prospective analysis of trauma patients with midfacial injuries presenting at a referral center in South West Nigeria. In addition to socio-demographic data, the following information was also(More)
A survey was conducted in three communities. A total of 1800 respondents of equal sexes were randomly selected, and their attitudes to facial marks were analysed. Of this number, 31.39% dislike facial marks and were unhappy or embarrassed by the scar, 36.56% were happy with the marks, while 32.06% were indifferent. The study revealed that those who were(More)
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