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Blood Lead influences the anemia status of malaria infected children in Katanga Kampala Uganda
Lead pollutants mainly from urban agricultural practices, Leaded paints, Leaded fuels spillages, Leadcontaminated air, soils, and water sources pause a health threat to urban children in Uganda.Expand
Anti-Paraflagellar Rodc Antibodies Inhibit the In-Vitro Growth of Trypanosoma Brucei Brucei
Paraflagellar rod (PFR), a conserved structure expressed in all lifecycle stages of the order kinetoplasida except in the amastigotes is vital for the parasites survival. In T.b.brucei , the PFRExpand
A Potential Malaria Vaccine Candidate Identified Using an Insilico Approach
The search for an effective malaria vaccine has yielded no success yet. Unfortunately, resistance to post-infection treatments is on the increase hence the need to develop an efficient vaccine. TheExpand
Relationship between blood Lead status and anemia in Ugandan children with malaria infection
Background In Uganda, childhood anemia remains a health challenge and is associated with malaria infection as well as iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is intertwined with nutritional status, age andExpand