Ambrose A. Adegbege

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This paper proposes a matrix splitting strategy based on the Projected Gauss-Seidel algorithm for the solution of multivariable algebraic loops arising naturally in many constrained control problems. The solution algorithm is globally convergent for a very large class of problems and is orders of magnitude faster than several existing algorithms in the(More)
An important class of nonlinear control systems can be represented as the feedback interconnection of two parts: a linear time-invariant system and a block of decentralized nonlinearities. When the linear time-invariant part has a nontrivial feedthrough term or the nonlinearity has a feedback gain, control computation involves the online implementation of a(More)
In this paper, we address the wellposedness and online resolution of algebraic loop arising from the feedback interconnection of a linear time invariant system and a static nonlinearity whose input-output characteristics enforce some KKT optimality conditions. We establish sufficient conditions for the wellposedness of such algebraic loops using the theory(More)
We develop new design procedures for optimizing anti-windup control applicable to open-loop stable multivariable plants subject to input saturations. The optimizing anti-windup control falls into a class of compensator commonly termed directionality compensation. The computation of the control involves the on-line solution of a low-order quadratic program(More)
Directionality compensation for linear multivariable anti-windup synthesis Ambrose A. Adegbege & William P. Heath To cite this article: Ambrose A. Adegbege & William P. Heath (2015) Directionality compensation for linear multivariable anti-windup synthesis, International Journal of Control, 88:11, 2392-2402, DOI: 10.1080/00207179.2015.1045556 To link to(More)
Advanced control algorithms such as optimization-based controls are known to offer superior performance as well as systematic constraints handling when compared to classical control strategies. However, the complexity of such advanced control methods makes their implementations difficult, especially on controllers with limited computational capacity such as(More)
Previous transient stability studies investigating the effects of wind power integration into a conventional power system assume the insertion point of the wind-generating units to be at the same bus and interconnection voltage as the synchronous generators they are substituting or complementing. While these assumptions offer some insights into the effects(More)
This paper proposes a fast analog circuit implementation for naturally occurring optimization problems in constrained control. This class of problems may be expressed as the feedback interconnection of static nonlinearities and a feedback gain, and has recently received significant interest. The circuit is shown to be globally convergent and stable for a(More)
Epilepsy is a brain disorder that affects millions of adults and children in America. It is characterized by abnormal neuronal signaling and can cause strange sensations, emotions, behavior, loss of consciousness, muscle spasms, and convulsions. These episodes are very difficult to predict with the current technologies available, and almost impossible to(More)