Ambrina A Qureshi

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Medical emergencies in the air are topical. This study, undertaken by the Faculty of Prehospital Care at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, analyses retrospectively consecutive medical emergencies occurring over a 6 month period on a single major international airline. Clinical problems are related to pre-existing problems (65%), new medical(More)
BACKGROUND An estimated 120,000 patients are admitted to hospital in England and Wales each year for neurological observations following a head injury. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has issued guidelines on the quality and frequency of neurological observations that should be made. OBJECTIVE Review of frequency and quality of(More)
BACKGROUND With the increasing rate of oral diseases, the global necessity of effective and economical products for its prevention and treatment has intensified. AIM THIS STUDY WAS TO COMPARE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF TWO ORAL HYGIENE AIDS: Chewing stick and manual toothbrush, for plaque removal and gingival health after one month of a randomized clinical(More)
There is still much debate on the appropriateness of taking postoperative radiographs following hip fracture surgery. In our unit, it is routine practice to request postoperative radiographs after hip hemiarthroplasty but not after internal fixation. An audit conducted in our unit highlighted the low acute implant-related complications. This prompted us to(More)
BACKGROUND Needle stick injury has been identified as the foremost health allied concern and the specialty of dentistry is not an exception. Its incidence can be reduced when a dental practitioner is completely proverbial to the standard cross-infection control measures. This study was intended to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices among the(More)
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