Ambika Chhabra

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Five Karan Swiss crossbred (Sahiwal × Brown Swiss) calves were abruptly switched over from a diet of concentrate and maize fodder toad libitum air driedLeucaena leucocephala leaves plus twigs. After 17 days on theL. leucocephala diet, 3 of the calves were supplemented with copper sulphate (10 mg/kg DML. leucocephala) for 12 days. Thereafter all the calves(More)
The proposed EBG Structure consists of stepped impedance Microstrip line with slots etched on the ground plane. The T-shaped DMS (Defected microstrip structure) causes large attenuation in the stop-band. A comparison is made between the non-DMS Structure and a DMS Structure. The overall size is 35*20 mm2. The structure is able to achieve a wide Stop band(More)
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