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Chronic inflammation contributes to numerous diseases, and regulation of inflammation is crucial for disease control and resolution. Sex hormones have potent immunoregulatory abilities. Specifically, estrogen influences immune cells and inflammation, which contributes to the sexual dimorphism of autoimmunity and protection against disease seen during(More)
Multi-channel micro-electrode arrays provide unmatched spatio-temporal resolution for assessing the activity of populations of neurons. These neural implants provide a powerful tool for developing a better understanding of cortical processing, as well as provide an intimate interface for neuroprosthetic applications. Over the years, micro-wire based devices(More)
We conducted a cross sectional survey of 3163 women and men in six Asian countries to examine willingness for children and adults to be vaccinated against shigellosis and other forms of dysentery. The six sites were clustered into three regions for ease of comparison. The regions are: Northeast Asia (China), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia)(More)
INTRODUCTION In the continental US, four terrestrial mammalian species are reservoirs for seven antigenic rabies virus variants. Cross species transmission (CST) occurs when a rabies virus variant causes disease in non-reservoir species. METHODS This study analyzed national surveillance data for rabies in terrestrial mammals. The CST rate was defined as:(More)
This paper presents an implementation of probabilistic and statistical models for speech recognition. Three models namely Gaussian mixture model, hidden markov model and Gaussian mixture model -- universal background model are discussed. In GMM, both speech identification of unknown isolated words and classification of unknown test patterns are discussed.(More)
This paper presents an investigation of speech recognition accuracy of unknown test patterns using five models when classes for classification of unknown test patterns increase from three to five. GMM, SVM, MLP, RBPNN and LVQ are used and their speech recognition accuracy are studied on five isolated digits. In the first experiment, three isolated words(More)
Blind source separation (BSS) is a technique of separation of the sources from the mixture without having prior information about actual sources. Many methods have been proposed to perform the above task. In this paper two of the methods are implemented. One is ICA (Independent component analysis) and other is DUET (Degenerate unmixing estimation(More)
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