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We present the design and proof-of-concept demonstration of an optical device capable of producing true-time delay(s) (TTD)(s) for phased array antennas. This TTD device uses a free-space approach consisting of a single microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) mirror array in a multiple reflection spherical mirror configuration based on the White cell.(More)
The paper presents the conjunctive bias in memory-a novel phenomenon that helps to clarify representations of logical connectives. The conjunctive bias is a tendency toward more accurate recall and recognition of conjunctive forms than of forms based on other logical connectives and a tendency to recall and recognize other logical forms as if they were(More)
This article examines and compares the survival rates of persons claiming retired-worker benefits at age 62 with those who did not. The study is based on a sample of Social Security insured workers who reached age 62 during the period 1962-72. The proportion of men dying in the initial years after age 62 was higher among those who claimed benefits at age 62(More)
The first article in this issue of the Bulletin provides information on women and couples who were receiving retired-worker benefits in 1976. This article updates that information, focusing on potential full retired-worker benefits earned by men and women who will be reaching retirement age in the early 1980s. It is estimated that an increasing proportion(More)
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