Amber R Leis

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This study examined the impingement behavior of the uninjured ACL and the impingement pressure and tension forces of the ACL to draw conclusions for ACL reconstructions. A miniature pressure sensor was inserted between the ACL and the intercondylar roof of 15 knees of human cadavers before and after a 3-mm notch roof resection (thickness of the sensor);(More)
Die Traumaversorgung in Deutschland befindet sich national und international anerkannt auf einem sehr hohen Niveau. Dennoch zeigen sich regionale Inhomogenitäten. Im Jahr 2006 wurde von der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie (DGU) das Weißbuch der Schwerverletztenversorgung herausgegeben, das zu einer weiteren Steigerung der Qualität der(More)
BACKGROUND Early evaluation and appropriate management of pediatric scaphoid fractures are necessary to avoid complications. To date, current management of pediatric fractures varies among providers. The objective of this study was to compare clinical outcomes following different treatment modalities. METHODS A PubMed literature search identified studies(More)
Anterior chest wall giant basal cell carcinoma (GBCC) is a rare skin malignancy that requires a multidisciplinary treatment approach. This case report demonstrates the challenges of anterior chest wall GBCC reconstruction for the purpose of palliative therapy in a 72-year-old female. Surgical resection of the lesion included the manubrium and upper four(More)
BACKGROUND In facial aesthetics, grading systems are useful tools for planning aesthetic procedures. One key component of rejuvenation--the anterior neck--has been relatively overlooked. In the 1980s, criteria were established for the appearance of a youthful neck. Considering the significant contribution of the anterior neck to the aesthetics of the lower(More)
INTRODUCTION Drill bit tip plunging past the far cortex places critical anatomical structures at risk. This study measured plunging past the far cortex based on level of training. The time required for screw placement when a depth gauge was used to measure bone tunnel depth was compared to the time required for screw placement when bone tunnel depth was(More)
STUDY DESIGN Descriptive. BACKGROUND Dupuytren's contracture is a common disorder involving fibrosis of the palmar fascia. As patients are increasingly using online materials to gather health care information, it is imperative to assess the readability and appropriateness of this content. The recommended grade level for patient educational materials is(More)
PURPOSE Patients with necrotizing fasciitis are managed with multiple prompt, radical surgical debridements and critical care support. Debridement and reconstruction are often provided by different surgical teams. Anecdotally, single-specialty management seemed to be a more efficient management strategy. This study aimed to investigate and compare the(More)
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