Amber N Mitchell

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RCAN1 (Adapt78) is an endogenous inhibitor of calcineurin, an important intracellular phosphatase that mediates many cellular responses to calcium. RCAN1 is expressed in multiple organs, especially heart, skeletal muscle and brain. In brain, it is thought to be important due to its strong expression, developmental regulation, abundance of target protein(More)
RCAN1 (Adapt78) functions mainly, if not exclusively, as a regulator of calcineurin, a phosphatase that mediates many cellular responses to calcium. Identification of this regulatory activity has led to a surge of interest in RCAN1, since calcineurin is involved in many cellular and tissue functions, and its abnormal expression is associated with multiple(More)
Paraneoplastic neurologic syndromes (PNS) can be the first manifestations of occult malignancies. If left untreated, PNS often lead to significant morbidity and mortality. Anti-Ri (anti-neuronal nuclear antibody type 2 [ANNA-2]) autoantibodies are commonly associated with breast and small cell lung cancers. Cases of anti-Ri paraneoplastic cerebellar(More)
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