Amber Martin

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OBJECTIVE Clinical experience and recent population studies suggest that psychopathological, non-cognitive symptoms are both frequent and relevant in dementia. METHOD A representative community sample (n = 4,803 individuals, 55 + years) was interviewed in a two-phase design. The Geriatric Mental Sate (GMS) was used for assessment and cases were diagnosed(More)
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common child and adolescent disorder that is associated with negative outcomes (e.g., emotional and behavioral problems, substance use) and is often comorbid with Conduct Problems (CP). Research findings are mixed as to whether youth with ADHD alone or comorbid ADHD/CP suffer from low self-esteem.(More)
Fifty patients with UC and 50 matched controls with urolithiasis were interviewed with the SADS (lifetime version) and completed the SCL-90. According to information given during the SADS, there was a history of psychiatric disturbance in 11 UC patients (22%) and 8 controls (16%). At the time of the interview a psychiatric disturbance was present in 31 UC(More)
Two populations have been found to exhibit delays in theory of mind (ToM): deaf children of hearing parents and children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Deaf children exposed to sign from birth by their deaf parents, however, show no such delay, suggesting that early language exposure is key to ToM development. Sign languages also present frequent(More)
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