Amber Janda

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The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of Si/Al ratio on the locations of exchangeable cations in H-MFI and on the monomolecular cracking and dehydrogenation reactions of n-butane. On the basis of UV-visible spectroscopic analysis of Co(II) exchanged into MFI, it was inferred that the fraction of Co(II) (and, by extension, Brønsted protons)(More)
The effects of zeolite structure on the kinetics of n-butane monomolecular cracking and dehydrogenation are investigated for eight zeolites differing in the topology of channels and cages. Monte Carlo simulations are used to calculate enthalpy and entropy changes for adsorption (ΔHads-H+ and ΔSads-H+) of gas-phase alkanes onto Brønsted protons. These(More)
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