Amber Greer

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Refusal of treatment with antipsychotic medication was studied prospectively in a sample of 1434 psychiatric patients admitted to four acute inpatient units in state-operated mental health facilities in Massachusetts during a 6-month period. Compared with a control group of patients who accepted prescribed antipsychotic treatment, the 103 patients who(More)
The rapidly expanding population of prison inmates has severely challenged the prison system's ability to effectively screen incoming inmates for mental disorders and mental health service needs. This study describes a comprehensive mental health screening of inmates at a maximum security prison, using a modified version of the Referral Decision Scale(More)
Massachusetts civil commitment criteria were compared in an emergency setting with a set of criteria developed by Dr. Alan Stone. Contrary to expectations, the Stone criteria proved to be more restrictive in a sample of 503 patients. Few patients would be newly committable under the Stone criteria; of the 35 patients committable under the Stone standard, 32(More)
The live load factors in the Load and Resistant Factor Rating (LRFR) Manual are based on load data from Ontario thought to be representative of traffic volumes nationwide. However, in accordance with the methodology for developing site-specific live load factors in the provisions of the LRFR Manual, live load factors for six locations in Alabama were(More)
To document the scope of recent trends in performing pretrial mental health evaluations, telephone interviews were conducted with 157 authorities in 50 states and the District of Columbia. These authorities included forensic mental health program directors and forensic clinical professionals. In all states, evaluations were made on an outpatient basis to(More)