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This longitudinal investigation examined the temporal and spectral characteristics of the high front vowels /i/ and /I/ as produced by nine monolingual US English children from 21-33 months. Vowel overlap was quantified in two-dimensional (F1, F2) and three-dimensional (F1, F2, duration) space using Spectral Overlap Assessment Measure (SOAM). These findings(More)
Purpose This study compares goodness and accentedness ratings of speech tokens rated by listeners who are naive to and aware of speakers' native language backgrounds. Listener responses to open-ended questions regarding goodness and accentedness ratings are also examined. Method Twenty-eight monolingual speakers of U.S. English served as listeners.(More)
PURPOSE This study examined the effectiveness of using goodness ratings and intelligibility scores to document changes in vowel production following pronunciation training. The relationship between listener perceptions of goodness and intelligibility was also examined. METHOD Fifteen English language learner speakers (5 Japanese, 5 Korean, and 5 Spanish)(More)
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