Ambarish Ghosh

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For biomedical applications, such as targeted drug delivery and microsurgery, it is essential to develop a system of swimmers that can be propelled wirelessly in fluidic environments with good control. Here, we report the construction and operation of chiral colloidal propellers that can be navigated in water with micrometer-level precision using(More)
Introduction: Recent work on chronology seem to point to older ages for eucrites: which favor a magma ocean model for Vesta. [1] indicate a Pb-Pb age for the eucrite Asuka 881394 of 4.566 + 0.3 Ga. Whole rock isochrons of eucrites based on Hf-W, Al-Mg and Mn-Cr [2-4] indicate somewhat younger ages at around 4.564 Ga (or about 3.5 Myrs after CAI formation).(More)
Significant progress has been made in the fabrication of micron and sub-micron structures whose motion can be controlled in liquids under ambient conditions. The aim of many of these engineering endeavors is to be able to build and propel an artificial micro-structure that rivals the versatility of biological swimmers of similar size, e.g. motile bacterial(More)
Controlled motion of artificial nanomotors in biological environments, such as blood, can lead to fascinating biomedical applications, ranging from targeted drug delivery to microsurgery and many more. In spite of the various strategies used in fabricating and actuating nanomotors, practical issues related to fuel requirement, corrosion, and liquid(More)
Helical propulsion is at the heart of locomotion strategies utilized by various natural and artificial swimmers. We used experimental observations and a numerical model to study the various fluctuation mechanisms that determine the performance of an externally driven helical propeller as the size of the helix is reduced. From causality analysis, an(More)
In this letter, we investigate the circular differential deflection of a light beam refracted at the interface of an optically active medium. We show that the difference between the angles of deviation of the two circularly polarized components of the transmitted beam is enhanced manyfold near total internal reflection, which suggests a simple way of(More)
We study the motion of a ferromagnetic helical nanostructure under the action of a rotating magnetic field. A variety of dynamical configurations were observed that depended strongly on the direction of magnetization and the geometrical parameters, which were also confirmed by a theoretical model, based on the dynamics of a rigid body under Stokes flow.(More)
We consider the rotational motion of an elongated nanoscale object in a fluid under an external torque. The experimentally observed dynamics could be understood from analytical solutions of the Stokes equation, with explicit formulae derived for the dynamical states as a function of the object dimensions and the parameters defining the external torque.(More)
We report on a wafer scale fabrication method of a three-dimensional plasmonic metamaterial with strong chiroptical response in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The system was comprised of metallic nanoparticles arranged in a helical fashion, with high degree of flexibility over the choice of the underlying material, as well as their(More)