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This paper identifies and evaluates rationales for team participation and for the effects of team composition on productivity using novel data from a garment plant that shifted from individual piece rate to group piece rate production over three years. The adoption of teams at the plant improved worker productivity by 14% on average. Productivity(More)
A critical factor in channel relationships between manufacturers and retailers is the relative bargaining power of both parties. In this article, the authors develop a framework to examine bargaining between channel members and demonstrate that the bargaining process actually affects the degree of coordination and that two-part tariffs will not be part of(More)
Many factors affect retail outlet profitability, including market potential , distribution and product costs, market pricing levels, cost (and availability) of land or space, and the relation between share of outlets and share of market. This paper presents a model that was used to plan building decisions for outlets for a consumer product across time and(More)
*We wish to thank Ganesh Kishore for helpful discussions about R&D thresholds in agricultural biotechnology. We also thank Abstract Real option theory has been the theoretical workhorse for assessing R&D projects and making decisions about undertaking, continuing, or terminating projects. This workhorse, however, has largely hinged on assessing each project(More)
In this paper, a new 4×4 reversible logic gate named “PR” (Pallavi-Raman) gate has been proposed for application in low power comparator design. Based on PR gate, a four bi t reversible comparator circuit has been designed and was found that the proposed design is better in terms of garbage outputs, no. of reversible gates used, quantum(More)