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This paper identifies and evaluates rationales for team participation and for the effects of team composition on productivity using novel data from a garment plant that shifted from individual piece rate to group piece rate production over three years. The adoption of teams at the plant improved worker productivity by 14% on average. Productivity(More)
A critical factor in channel relationships between manufacturers and retailers is the relative bargaining power of both parties. In this article, the authors develop a framework to examine bargaining between channel members and demonstrate that the bargaining process actually affects the degree of coordination and that two-part tariffs will not be part of(More)
Many factors affect retail outlet profitability, including market potential , distribution and product costs, market pricing levels, cost (and availability) of land or space, and the relation between share of outlets and share of market. This paper presents a model that was used to plan building decisions for outlets for a consumer product across time and(More)
Retailers strive to differentiate themselves from competitors to avoid commoditization and consequent price competition, using tools such as store location, store layout, and product assortment. However, such tools become ineffective on the Internet, where competitors are a few clicks away, where web page design can be easily imitated, and where online(More)
Organizational transformation was the theme of a 1996 meeting in Canada of men and women from Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, and Europe concerned with more equitable power relations between men and women. Gender parity policies and initiatives are necessary but not sufficient as long as the organizational culture remains antithetical to gender(More)
This report, prepared with the support of MSI and the Yaffe Center, is being sent to you for your information and review. It is not to be reproduced or published, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without written permission from the Institute and the author. Introduction This joint report of the Marketing Science Institute and the(More)