Amaury Trujillo

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In this report, we share our experience and observations on the challenges blind people face with text entry on touch-based mobile phones, particularly from the perspective of one of the authors, who is blind. To better understand these issues we developed and tested <i>Multimodal Text Input Touchscreen Keypad</i> (MTITK), an audio-tactile text entry(More)
In this study we investigated how visually impaired people perform gestures on touch-screen smartphones. To this end, we recruited 36 visually impaired participants to explore differences and preferences in carrying out a set of gestures, selected according to certain characteristics (e.g., shape, number of fingers or strokes, etc.). For this purpose, we(More)
Menopause is an inevitable natural transition in a woman's life. However, many women are not conscious of the changes related to menopause and the eventual consequences for their health. Given the prevalent daily-use of smartphones, a mobile app that empowers and coaches women before and after menopause is a promising solution to this issue. Because of the(More)
We present an analysis of how visually impaired people perform gestures on touch-screen smartphones and report their preferences, explaining the procedure and technical implementation that we followed to collect gesture samples. To that end, we recruited 36 visually impaired participants and divided them into two main groups of low-vision and blind people(More)
The current aging of the population is linked to many societal challenges, especially in healthcare. Co-morbid chronic conditions are prevalent in older age and drastically affect people's wellbeing, but they are difficult to study due to the many health determinants involved. For this reason, we propose a multidisciplinary ICT-based approach for the(More)
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