Amauri Oliveira

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In this paper we propose a feedback architecture with a thermoresistive sensor, based on the thermal sigma-delta principle to realize digital measurement of physical quantities that interacts with the sensor: temperature, thermal radiation, fluid speed. This architecture uses a 1-bit sigma-delta modulator for which a considerable part of the conversion(More)
In this paper we propose a feedback measurement system, with thermoresistive sensor, based on sigma-delta modulation. The system uses a one-bit sigma-delta modulator for which a considerable part of the conversion functions is performed by a thermoresistive sensor. The sensor is modelled using the power balance principle and the constant temperature(More)
This work describes the time evolution of three-dimensional structure of an inert and passive atmospheric pollutant emitted by instantaneous line source in a highly Convective Boundary Layer (CBL). The CBL properties were numerically simulated using a large eddy simulation model developed by Moeng(1984) and modified by Sullivan et al. (1994). Under(More)
• Abstract: Time evolution of atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers are described for an upwelling region in the Atlantic Ocean located in Cabo Frio, Brazil (23°00'S, 42°08'W). The observations were obtained during a field campaign carried out by the "Instituto de Estudos do Mar Almirante Paulo Moreira", on board of the oceanographic ship Antares of the(More)