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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the prevalence and nutritional and social determinants of overweight in a population of schoolchildren in Southern Brazil. METHODS Cross-sectional descriptive study of 5,037 children of both genders, between 6 and 10.9 years of age, from public and private schools of Maringá, Paraná, Brazil. Evaluation of factors associated with(More)
A feedback thermo-resistive sensor-based measurement scheme was proposed to estimate physical quantities like solar radiation (H), fluid velocity (U) and environment temperature (T a). It was implemented as an environment temperature meter, using PI controller. Controller implementation was done digitally using FPGA. Practical results are presented.
BACKGROUND The incidence of obesity in children is increasing worldwide, primarily in urbanized, high-income countries, and hypertension development is a detrimental effect of this phenomenon. OBJECTIVE In this cross-sectional study, we evaluated the prevalence of excess weight and its association with high blood pressure (BP) in schoolchildren. METHODS(More)
– In this paper we propose a feedback measurement system, with thermoresistive sensor, based on sigma-delta modulation. The system uses a one-bit sigma-delta modulator for which a considerable part of the conversion functions is performed by a thermoresistive sensor. The sensor is modelled using the power balance principle and the constant temperature(More)
 The aim of this article is to describe a feedback circuit with thermoresistive sensor based on thermal sigma-delta modulator. The circuit uses 1-bit first order sigma-delta modulator in which a considerable part of conversion functions is performed by the sensor. This transducer circuit is able to measure digital physical quantities that interact with the(More)