Amat Amir Basari

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To achieve a high compression ratio in coding video data, a method known as Motion Estimation (ME) is often applied to reduce the temporal redundancy between successive frames of a video sequence. One of ME techniques, known as Block Matching Algorithm (BMA), has been widely used in various video coding standards. In recent years, many of these BMAs have(More)
The Controller Area Network (CAN) has long been used for automotive applications as a method to enable robust serial communication. The goal was to make the system more reliable, safe and efficient while decreasing wiring harness weight and complexity. Based on these factors, a CAN bus project was carried out to fully utilize the application of CAN bus(More)
This paper presents the use of backstepping controller in order to construct an active suspension for a quarter car model with observer design. The implementation of backstepping controller is presented in non-linear quarter car model for active suspension system. The movement of the rotational motion of arm has been taking into consideration for this(More)
To make a tree climber / harvester more powerful and efficient there is a need for networked control between the various subsystems. The board to board communication becomes a need in any complex distributed system and it is proposed to be achieved by creating a CAN communication between them. In the proposed system the various nodes namely, motor ECU,(More)
Motion Estimation (ME) is an integral part of any video encoder and a large number of Block Matching Motion Estimation (BMME) Algorithms are proposed to cope the computational complexity and increase quality of ME process requirement. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of these ME algorithms for different motion activities. In this paper(More)
This paper proposes a new method of output optimization for a wideband vibration-based impact mode piezoelectric power generator. The method utilizes indirect impact configuration so that the impact forces will be optimally transferred to the device. As a result, at certain frequency, the peak voltage increases by 4.3 times that of the direct impact(More)
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