Amartya Mishra

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In parasites, ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters represent an important family of proteins related to drug resistance and other biological activities. Resistance of leishmanial parasites to therapeutic drugs continues to escalate in developing countries, and in many instances, it is due to overexpressed ABC efflux pumps. Progressively adapted baicalein(More)
Lignans are diphenyl propanoids with vast range of biological activities. The present study provides an important insight into the anti-leishmanial activities of two lignan glycosides, viz. lyoniside and saracoside. These compounds inhibit catalytic activities of topoisomerase IB (LdTopIB) of Leishmania donovani in non-competitive manner and stabilize the(More)
Leishmania, a protozoan parasite, causes a wide range of human diseases ranging from the localized self-healing cutaneous lesions to fatal visceral leishmaniasis. Toxicity of traditional first line drugs and emergence of drug-resistant strains have worsened the situation. DNA topoisomerase II in kinetoplastid protozoan parasites are of immense interest as(More)
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